Vladimír Grác

Vladimír completed his studies at the Law Faculty of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, where he was awarded his Master‘s degree in 2001 and his law doctorate in 2003. He speaks Slovak and English.

After completing school and until 2008, when he began as a lawyer in the Law office CLS Čavojský & Partners, s.r.o., he worked on diverse legal and managerial positions at the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic.

As attorney at law is a member of the Slovak Bar Association and in 2012 became a partner of our Law office.

Vladimír acquired, in his practise, experience mainly in the field of Administrative Law, Competition Law, Tax Law, Labour Law and Contractual Law.

Vladimír is a regular contributor to several journals within the scope of Administrative Law and acts as a lecturer in this field. He was an opponent for several rigorous theses and a manager of various diploma works in the field of Administrative Law.


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